What you expect, and what you actually get.
As an avid cigar smoker, I’m always on the hunt for new accessories. Whether it be a new ashtray, or lighter, I’m always excited to find new and unique items to add to my collection.  In this case, I’m going to rant about a humidor. First and foremost, I’m not writing this article to put anybody down, I’m simply speaking about my experience.
 I recently found a page on Instagram (@vintagesmoking / @charlesparsonsfurniture) and wow! When I saw his posts I was blown away. Charles is located out of the UK and fabricates exotic wooden humidors / ashtrays. I instantly fell in love with his travel humidor, a nice zebra wood box with maple inlay. I quickly contacted him to place my order. I was told the humidor is £186 which is approximately $305.00 USD. I had travel plans in the weeks to come, so I asked if it was possible to have it completed in 2 weeks and sent to me. This way I’d have it to bring on my travels. Sounds like a reasonable time frame, right? I was told this was no problem, and he’d do his best.  Unfortunately, the humidor was not completed in time. That’s okay, I told him I’d rather him take the time and do it properly, rather then rush it. 10 days later I returned from overseas to find the humidor waiting for me at home.
I was very excited, I opened the box and my heart stopped. At first glance I instantly thought, “really, I paid $300 for this! It was terrible craftsmanship. None of his mitres lined up in the inlay. Not to mention, the the lid did not sit flat. There was a gap on one end, and the side of the lid overhung the box. It looked rushed. I then opened the box to be even further disappointed. Gaps, wonky cuts, nothing lined up. Not to mention the amounts of “Hot Glue” everywhere. There were suppose to be embedded magnets. One to hold my Xikar cutter, and one to hold the screen that houses the humidity pack. These magnets were just glued to the box, and the ones that held the screen were broken off. It was sloppy to say the least. It was definitely not worth the $300.00 I paid.
I contacted Charles to tell him about my disappointment. He’s response shocked me. I was told by him, and I quote. “It’s not my best work” I told him it looked rushed and guess what his reply was. “Yes it was rushed, because I felt pressured, I wasn’t happy with it”
Really! This is your idea of Customer service? Why would Charles have sent the humidor if he wasn’t happy with it. I sure as hell wasn’t. Why would he even admit that to me? He ended up taking the humidor back and refunding my money.
It all worked out in the end, but I can honestly say I wouldn’t ever purchase anything from him again. I’m sure he has the skills to do great work. However after this lack of customer relations, I can’t see myself giving him a second chance.

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