The Warre’s 1983 Vintage Port goes beautifully with full body Cohiba Robusto. It was a match that just couldn’t fail.

About Warre’s 1983 Vintage Port

Warre’s was established in 1670 as the first British Port House and has been leading the Port trade since.  1983 was a bit of a surprise year for vintages as the preceding winter was long and cold, and then spring remained damp and cool1. This 18% vintage should be properly opened, rested and poured to make sure you don’t damage the cork or drink and end up chewing on sediment.  Light red colour with just a touch of purple showing through. It’s above all harmonious with dried fruit and almond undercurrent mixed with a pinch of dark cocoa.  If you can find this bottle it can range in price from $75 – $90.

About Cohiba Robusto

This cigar has been tasted and review by just about every smoker out there.  The wrapper is well built appropriately firm throughout.  Though if you smoke a lot of these you will occasionally.  The oily wrapper shines beautifully with hazelnut, almond and light butter pre-lit nose.  The draw is smooth and will give you of rich creamy mouthfuls of smoke.  This cigar is good from the time you light it until your fingers can no longer stand the heat.  At a pricy $35 – $39 this cigar is still an excellent value.  But be careful – this is one of the most counterfeited cigars in the world!

Pairing Warre’s 1983 Vintage Port and Cohiba Robusto

This was to date one of our favorite pairs and we would highly recommend it.  The complexity of the drink perfectly complimented the beautiful rich flavours of the smoke.  We would recommend this combination for sharing with friends or just to enjoy on your own.  We were very pleased with the combination of this vintage port and the Cohiba robusto.