Among the speculation that this maduro would pair nicely with a port, I also chose these pairings because of their long and interesting histories.

About the drink

The Warre’s 1994 Vintage Port is renowned for its taste and quality. It also has a very long history which can be read on their website. The company stretches back 13 generations to 1670 and was in the very front-running of companies to start producing & exporting port. There are actually 6 members of the family that are still actively involved in the company and they also have the longest unbroken lineage in the industry. Besides this, the 1994 is an opaque purple-colored wine that is made in a drier style, yet it is expressive, full-bodied, with superb richness, and well-integrated alcohol and tannin. The taste is bright with fresh fruit, plum, berry and spice characters.   It has a great mid-palate as well as an impressive length.

1994 was a good year for vintage ports and recently at the 14th annual Habanos Festival Graham’s 1994 Vintage Port was voted “Best Vintage Port” to pair with cigars.

About the cigar

The Perdomo family is another company that has a very rich heritage and I highly encourage you to read up on the beginnings of Silvio Perdomo. He worked up through a few of the largely known cigar companies and was later accompanied by his son Nick. After some political issues with Fidel Castro taking over and creating the ‘new cuba’, the family went through some terrible hardships. Years later, and unfortunately without his father, Nick started Perdomo cigars in little havana and then moved the operation to Nicaragua. It was tough to find information directly related to this cigar, but while it’s labelled the Perdomo 2 Limited Edition, it’s referred to as the Perdomo Squared (due to the box pressed shape). The wrapper was ‘splotchy’ with oily patches (personally I love this look). I noted that the cigar had a very earthy taste with a major taste of dark chocolate to the back of the throat the further on you smoked. It was a pretty quick burn compared to others we’ve recently had, but we collectively enjoyed every minute of it!
Hear more from Nick Perdomo here »

About the pair

So we’ve read about how each were individually, but things changed a little when we paired. We all found that the port stayed very even before and after the cigar, but the drink started to bring out more of the dark chocolate flavours in the cigar as well as some slightly overly-bitter notes. I must admit, that we all found different things that we liked or didn’t like, but while we all had slightly different tastes and preferences with this one, we all do agree that we enjoyed the pairing.

So, if you’ve got the opportunity, give it a try! We would love to hear what you think about the pair as well.

We also tasted this cigar with black Americanos and found it an enjoyable combo as well if you’re not up for spending $80 on port.

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