Ever wonder exactly how much flavour in your cigar comes purely from that perfect-looking wrapper?  I’ve heard some people say 90% while I’ve heard others say very little!

The truth is the answer is somewhere in-between and isn’t the same for every cigar.  I’ve experienced this test make a huge difference on one cigar while making a more subtle change on another.  It’s changed the flavours in some to the point of being unpalatable while in other cigars the resulting flavours are still quite enjoyable.

So how do you do it?  Here’s how:

  1. Light your cigar and smoke about an inch of it to get an idea of the manufacturers intended flavours
  2. Use  your guillotine cutter to gently score the wrapper about an inch below the burn line
  3. Carefully peal away the top inch of the wrapper above the score line
  4. Continue smoking and note the new flavours
  5. The original flavour will return as the burn returns to the portion of the cigar that still has its wrapper.

This is a great way to know exactly what’s happening in your cigar.  Give it a try!  Let us know which cigar you did it to and what the result was!