We taste hundreds of cigars with hundreds of drinks. This pair was focused on tasting two cigars to see if we could taste the difference.

Cohiba Robusto

Basically, you can’t go wrong with a Cohiba Robusto. This classic smoke starts off smooth and ends smooth. It’s full of flavor and the taste lasts until the nub. This is truly a magnificent cigar. Every time I light one up I recognize its specific, unmistakable aroma.  The cigar is peppery, woody with creamy smoke with hints of sweetness. I believe the reason this cigar only hits on moderate appreciation is because it is one of the most counterfeited cigars in the world and therefore its rating gets negatively influenced and distorted. Not only that but it’s illegal in the US, so it’s not a constantly reviewed smoke. But, if you do end up smoking it, you’ll fall in love. It was the first smoke I ever had and I still love it almost as much as my new fave (I’ll let you know that on my next pair).

I’ve had this cigar many times, but never paired until David paired the Warres 83 with the Cohiba Robusto. That’s when I knew wine had to be my next choice with this smoke. If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it.

Beringer Knights Vally 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine has had major reviews within our circles and on the web, it’s one if the top paired wines with any cigar. Feeling like France, but made in California. Why not try it?

The pair was great! The wine at first had a three part breakdown that started with berries and plum, in the middle was a burst of fruit and then an oaky dryness to follow. If you love a dry Cab, get this wine – you won’t be disappointed. After the smoke we lost the starting flavours a bit, but really never lost the fruit explosion and the amazing dry and rich aftertaste.

We had this wine with both cigars and found both times it was nicer to sip first and draw after.  The wine opened up the smoke a bit more and led the combo.

Cohiba Red Dot

Our next choice of Cigar was the Cohiba Red Dot.  As you may know this cigar is Cuban seed but grown in the Dominican Republic. Supposedly, it’s a cigar made to match the quality and flavor of the Cohiba Robusto. I would say not so much.

The smell between cigars was extremely different, you could literally smell the soil difference. This smoke from this stick is toasty and dy with some woody notes while the smell is of wet hay.  The Red Dot was OK, but we all felt it wasn’t the quality we previously smoked and if we’re given the choice to smoke either it wouldn’t be the red dot. In the USA, availability would be the reason to choose the Red Dot while in other countries price difference would be the only reason.  At the price point for the Red Dot however, we feel you can easily find something better quality.

Now, I wouldn’t recommend to smoke 2-3 full cigars in a row like we do, but if its the Cohiba and the Red Dot combo, go for it. We’d like to hear what you thought of it.