Let me tell you off the jump that this cigar is very smooth (we smoked about 8 in the last 10 days!) This cigar was produced in only a mere 500 boxes each. A short run just like the beers. It’s festive tribute was spoken highly of and for a good reason. Hence, why we smoked 8.

We got the call from upstairs saying to pair this stick with the perfect beer…And so the tasting commenced! We studied the cigar before we tried to pair for the beer lineup. At first sight of the Quesada Oktoberfest, it looked fuller than expected. The dark oily wrapper caught my attention. Being a fan of darker and fuller bodied cigars, I was ready for this pairing.

So without further ado, lets get to business!

About the Quesada Octoberfest

We looked around for the Oktoberfest at our local cigar spots. Many had other sticks from the Quesada line like the Jalapa and Tributo. But it took the 4th lounge to find this wonderful cigar. We found the sticks with slight plume and knew it was gonna be a good one. They had a lounge in the back and we sat in anticipation. Usually we light the sticks with a non-sulfuric match, but the owner lit them with a nice lighter. Plus, we had none of the beers to line up in the tasting process, so we decided to take notes and just enjoy the smoke.

We enjoyed this cigar from the beginning. It’s earthy cedar had a sweetness to it. It reminded me of the day after it rains in the woods. It was very homely. It had a good draw and each one filled my mouth with its wonderful smoke. The aroma flew across the air like a eagle in the sky. Graceful and disappearing with just a slight trace. We relaxed, played a game of chess and bought a few sticks to go. The owner said that he had another box if we needed it. I cracked a couple jokes and we shook hands.

The following day I smoked another stick around noon and started texting Fern on the taste of this cigar. We had both agreed that we did not want to try and take the easy route and just get an Oktoberfest beer. We wanted to try something different. Although a rep from Quesada told us to get a Märzen or Oktoberfest beer we had to figure out the best on our own.

About the Beer

We traveled 15 minutes to our little spot (liquor store and microbrew store) and hand picked 11 beers. Most in 22oz. and others in 12oz. bottles. We had 2 Oktoberfest beers, pale ales, pumpkin ales, IPA’s and our usual grab bag guess beers. We decided to invite our fellow beer connoisseur for tonight’s pairing. Although our guest is not a cigar aficionado, our reviews give insight to both the novice and experienced. We felt he would help in our review. Him being an insane beer dictionary would also help us with the beer portion.

We lined up the beers in a random order. We lit the cigars with our usual non-sulfuric match and began to experiment on this pairing. The first beer we drank was Avery Brewing Co.’s “The Kaiser” Imperial Oktoberfest. I felt it was only appropriate to try the first beer that basically was a meant to be with this cigar. And let me tell you… We ALL agreed off the bat that this beer was a laser beam assassin bullet straight to the head! Nailed it! But, unfortunately, we don’t ever take on the first beer as a winner.

So we each poured 3-4 OZ. of The Kaiser and swilled with ease. It brought out the sweetness of the cigar and complimented the cigar like a smile. The oils from the wrapper laid on my lips like a woman’s kiss. It was there even after the next swill of my beer.

We kept on with the pairing. The smoke kept getting smoother and better. I just kept thinking what the finish would be like with a drink – we thought it would be wonderful. “We’ll get there”, I thought to my myself.

Another beer we felt was really good with this cigar was Iron Fist Brewing Company’s “Uprising” (Belgian IPA). This beer happened to be brought by our guest. It cleaned the palette and made each draw like new. It was very crisp and had a lot of flavor. It’s grapefruit and caramel hints intertwined around each other like a grapevine but unfortunately it didn’t have the same effect on our senses. On a scale of 1-10 it was a 8.2. It almost had it. But I have to say, we all still agreed on The Kaiser.

We are now about half way thru the cigar and I keep dying to go back to The Kaiser. We continue on with the sampling, and I’m just really into the cigar at this point. The dark chocolate cedar is now traveling thru and I’m feeling like a kid in the candy store. This cigar is very smooth. It’s slow burn and nice ash is making my night.

We continued on with a pumpkin ale, which was a really good beer as well, but it overpowered the complex flavor of my cigar and did not compliment it at all. But I took notes on that beer for a future pairings. It had a really powerful taste of pumpkin so I jotted it down. But we kept on. We tried the rest of the beers at 3-4 oz. and finally agreed to return back to The Kaiser. It was go time!

We poured the remainder of The Kaiser into our three glasses and neared the wind down. Its copper tone color looked great and its lacing wasn’t too bad as well. I removed the leaf band and began to enjoy the fullness and quality of this cigar with the beer. The toasted Caramel roasted on my palette complimenting the cigars chocolate notes. It was a full bodied delight. The Kaiser and Quesada went hand in hand like a couple at an altar. They were a match made in heaven. We tried to pair any other beer to this cigar. We hoped to tell the people that we found another candidate. But in reality, what better beer to go with the Quesada Oktoberfest than the one called “The Kaiser”? Come on; it was meant to be!

The Result

The finish on the Quesada was a perfect end to a beautiful night of smoke. It was sweet, full, and amazing with our choice of beer. We are very happy with the product and appreciate the request from the people at Quesada for this recommendation. I believe in my own words that this cigar was perfectly matched for this beer, hence the name Oktoberfest. I don’t think it could have been done better. The Kaiser once said “Give me a woman who loves beer and I’ll conquer the world!” … Good thing he didn’t have this cigar because it would have probably been in this quote as well…

Thanks for your attention and time. We look forward to you trying this pairing.