I know I have been looking forward to pairing this Padron 1926 series for a long time. It’s been sitting in my humidor silently yelling at me to give it a turn and I have to say, it did not disappoint.

About the Padron 1926 Series

The Padron 1926 Series is one of the rarest from Padron line. Every 1926 is made from Nicaraguan specially aged tobacco. These cigars were made to celebrate the 75th birthday of Jose Padron and these are probably the most popular and sought-after smokes from the Padron factory. Cigar aficionados around the globe highly regard the 1926 Anniversary cigars as they offer a full body and a hint of spice off the top. These cigars could easily be a smokeable prized possession of any avid smoker.

This cigar has some spice right off the top, but the pull was so incredibly easy and the amount of smoke was very impressive. This was a cigar that was deceivingly easy to smoke, but I say ‘deceivingly’ because despite the ease to smoke, it really delivers a punch. A very strong and full flavoured cigar.

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About Taylor Fladgate’s 20 yr-old tawny

Made from its extensive reserves of old cask aged Ports and matured in the firm’s cool and tranquil cellars in Oporto on Portugal’s Atlantic coast, Taylor’s magnificent 20 year old tawny Ports  has mellowed further than in the 10 Year Old, and the spicy, nutty aromas of ageing are more powerful and intense.

If you have been following, we tried pairing the Taylor  10 year old tawny a few weeks ago and we absolutely loved it. On its own, it tasted very rich and smooth, but you could tell the difference in the alcohol flavour from the 10 year. A wonderfully complex taste as you smell, sip, swallow and wait for the aftertaste. Alone, this is a fantastic port.

About the pairing

After carefully lighting our Padron’s, we all took our first pull and were very surprised and excited on its own (see notes above). When we took a sip of the tawny, we found that while both were incredible alone, together they were a beautiful thing. Neither took away from each other at all. While pairing both of these together, they lent themselves to each other and really were a wonderful experience on the palate. The pardon would even slightly mellow out the taste of the alcohol on the tawny… enough to really allow the tawny flavours to come out.

We highly recommend this pair. It is a bit more pricier, but if you can swing it, a great time is waiting for you.

Side Note: We also tried the Padron 1964 Series with this tawny, and wanted to let you know that we felt it really did not pair well. Just a note to show that not all drinks and cigars, despite even having the same name brand, will pair nicely.

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