We have tried pairing porto and cigars already, but we thought we would try a different route with this one. Many people are drawn to the more expensive types of cigars and spirits, but why? Is it because it truly “tastes better”? Or, is it simply because we think it does?

On this pairing, we decided to try out the Partagas Series E: No.2 with a porto. Instead of just doing one porto though, we decided to try out two different price points and two different types of Porto. So, we decided to try out the Sandeman Ruby Port ($14.99) against the Taylor Fladgate 10 year old tawny port ($34.95).

About Partagas Series E: No.2

Partagas Series E No.2, a new product launched by Habanos S.A. in 2011 that will jump to the world market in the next few days, is supposed to be one of those history-making habanos as it opens a new Series within the appraised and acclaimed brand worldwide.

We were very impressed with this cigar. When we tried it on its own, it was very smooth and full bodied and it has an easy draw. We enjoyed it thoroughly

Pairing with Sandeman Ruby Port

We tried this port first and thoroughly enjoyed it on its own. You could really taste the fruits in there and it had a nice after taste. When you paired it with the Partagas Series E: No.2, it still lent itself well to the smoke. We didn’t find that it dulled or took away from the port in any way, but they still seemed to hold their flavours well with each other. So, for the price of the port, it was very pleasant and I would definitely buy it again.

Pairing with Taylor Fladgate 10 Year Old Tawny Port

This was a wonderful tasting port. While there are many more aged classes by Taylor Fladgate, this specific selection had a taste that was more complex than the Sandeman. We enjoyed fruity flavours, but they seemed to be more well rounded. As you finished your sip and swallow, you get a little bit of the smokiness and nut. This was a more enjoyable port for being twice the price. Again, when pairing it with the Partagas, it didn’t seem to lose any of its complexity. Neither the port or the cigar lost their flavours, but they both simultaneously created a party on your palate. A fantastic bottle of port for the price of $34.95 that I will be enjoying again!