I had my first trip to Dallas in spring of 2015 and had the chance to meet the great guys at Ezra Zion Cigars and visit a shop called Lone Star State Cigar Co where they sell a cigar blended by Ezra Zion just for the shop.  When visiting these old shops I love to ask about the forgotten box of cigars on the top shelf, behind all the new boxes.  I wasn’t disappointed this time as we came across a box of 2009 Tabacos Baez.

About Don Pepín Tabacos Baez

It was very difficult to find any background information on the Tabacos Baez.  A little more searching reveals that this cigar was named for the city in which Pepin was born – Báez, Cuba!  Cuban-Seed Nicaraguan tobaccos make up the binder and short filler for this cigar, and utilizing a Connecticut wrapper.  This was designed to be a budget stick and our friends at stogiereview.com didn’t really care for it much.  Perhaps 6 years of aging has done it some good?

I also read that these cigars were originally used for training their rollers. The ones that were good enough made it into a box while the others did not! *Citation definitely needed!

On the Nose I found hay, nuttiness, sweetness, and cedar.  The construction is firm with a beautiful shine on the virtually seamless wrapper.  Behind the bad the tobacco was quite a bit darker as being in the light for so long had caused the colour to fade.  The cellophane wrapper is stained a dark yellow.

On the lips this cigar is oily as can be!  The first puffs are incredibly smooth, filled with leather and wood.  It tastes like I’m smoking a man cave – in a good way!  Next comes just pure tobacco with the lightest hint of spice.  It’s very smooth.  It’s very woody.  About halfway through the cigar however a notice the equivalent of the Lincoln Tunnel running down the centre of the cigar.  It seemed to have no negative affects however to my ability to enjoy this cigar!

Also want to thank toastedfoot.com for their original 2010 article on the Tabacos Baez.

About Glenmorangie Nectar D’or

This non chill-filtered scotch is aged in hand selected wine barriques from Sauternes.  What does that even mean?!  To keep it simple, Sauternes is a sweet white wine from the Bordeaux region.  The barriques in which it is aged (barrels) absorb this beautiful golden wine and then release some of their magic back into the whisky.

A beautiful bouquet of honey, florals, apple, caramel, iodine, and a hint of raisin and citrus bathe the tongue.

About the Pair

This was a great pair.  It totally worked.  Each half improved the other without getting in the way.  I would recommend it, but it’s going to be very hard to find these cigars!  I promise I’ll do another pair with this  Nectar D’or because it’s a great smooth drink!  I feel a Cuban paring coming on…

– David