Today Swisher International announced a plan to acquire Drew Estate.  Swisher, the company who laid off 250 employees in Florida last year, is moving in on the “real” cigar industry.  I can just picture the line up now: Swisher Sweets, Pom-Poms, and Liga Privada No. 9, all available at your gas stations counter-top humidor!  It seems ‘The Rebirth of Cigars’ is being swallowed up by the people who helped us see the destruction of the real cigar industry with cheap alternatives.

It doesn’t seem to me that these two businesses have much in common.

We sure hope the quality of the product doesn’t diminish, but we do hope the availability of the products, Drew Estate that is, increases up here in Canada.

This news comes just a month after hearing that General Cigar Co will buy out Sam Leccia brands. Is this a trend we should expect?

Read the full press release:

Swisher buys Drew Estate