Shaving Supplies in Kitchener

Did you know that 6 out of 7 men that try shaving with an double edged safety razor, brushes, and soap, never go back to cheap disposable razors?  We have all your shaving supplies in Kitchener.

Here’s why it’s time to switch to a safety razor:

Merkur Safety Razors and Shaving Supplies in Kitchener1) The shave is better.  You’ll get a closer, smoother shave, with less irritation.  You will actually enjoy shaving – just ask anyone who has switched!

2) No more aerosol chemicals on your face. It’s the difference between real whipped cream, and the edible oil that comes in a can; the difference between a rib eye steak, and a McRib.  Proper shaving soap is not only better for your skin, but it feels better.

Badger Brushes and Shaving Supplies in Kitchener3) You save money.   A dish of soap can last upwards of 3 years and a pack of ten blades will last over a year.  A $150 start up investment may sound like a lot compared to a $10 disposable razor.  Within the first year you’ll have broken even.  In the next two years you’ll spend just $20 on blades instead of the $150+ you would’ve spent on disposables that aren’t even that great to being with.

Shaving Soaps and Shaving Supplies in Kitchener4)  Less trash. Every 4-5 weeks you’ll take your blade out and put it in the recycling instead of throwing away a plastic cap and a plastic head into the landfill.  Not to mention all the packaging that’s associated with todays cheap disposables.

5) You’ll never go back.  It will actually feel like a treat to be able to shave yourself like this.  It’s no wonder so much of the rest of the world never bought in to disposables.  They just suck.

The finest shaving supplies in Kitchener, Waterloo, or Cambridge

Safety razors, straight razors, and the best imported badger brushes you can get and at the best price.  We’ll be happy to show you how it’s done!

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