One of my personal favorites – both the cigar on its own, and the pair.  This is another must-try in my opinion.

About Ron Zacapa Solera 23 Rum

Blended from rums aging 6 to 23 years and aged in the mountains of Guatemala at an elevation of 7,500ft where temperatures average a cool 17 degrees celsius (around 62 degrees fahrenheit), this rum begins with almost a fairy tale story.  Fermented from sugar cane syrup this rum has an aroma of brown sugar, pineapple, dried fruit, smoky oak and molasses.   Bottled at 40% this drink is smooth and slightly sweet pleasing your mouth with vanilla, honey, caramel, burnt sugar, and a citrus finish.  This rum was awarded 97 points by the Beverage Tasting Institute in Chicago and was awarded the “Platinum medal”, ranking First Place in 2001 – the highest rating ever awarded.

About La Aurora 107

Guillermo Leon, La Aurora VP, described the cigar in an interview with Cigar Inspector We had defined our goal early on, and that was to bring the smokers a medium bodied, richly flavoured smoke with a fair amount of spice – at a very attractive price.”  This is exactly what they’ve accomplished.  At around $7US for a robusto they could easily become someone’s daily cigar.  Once lit you will delivered a rich creamy smoke with complex flavors moving from cedar and oaky cocoa evolving into more tobacco and floral notes towards the final third.  The wrapper is reddish-brown and oily, beautifully constructed.  This cigar was made in 2010 to celebrate La Aurora’s 107th anniversary.

Pairing Ron Zacapa Solera 23 Rum and La Aurora 107

This was another one of my personal favorites and it’s available on a reasonable budget.  The medium body cigar and it’s oak and cocoa blended perfectly with Ron Zacapa’s brown sugar and dried fruit.  The alcohol content was brought under control leaving a pleasing finish and the smoke was given new life with rich flavors pleasing the palate.  The cigar made you want more rum, and the rum made you want more 107.  You could enjoy this combination for hours without being bored and with the flavors constantly evolving.