About Ron Zacapa 23

To start off this post let me just say that Ron Zacapa 23 Rum is probably the best rum I’ve ever had. I’m a huge fan of cognac and wine…rum was my third choice of spirit until Zacapa and I hung out.
Ron Zacapa is made using the concentrated first-pressing sugar cane juice—called “virgin sugar cane honey” by the company—and is aged and blended using the solera method traditionally used for sherries. This process is overseen by master blender Lorena Vazquez. The company claims that part of their success lies in the fact that the barrels are stored 7,500 ft above sea level in an aging facility situated below the upper slopes of the mountains and volcanoes of Guatemala, where the temperature is an average of 17 °C.
Now other rums are processed in high altitudes as well, but this is the only rum that takes a trip in order to taste so good. Check out www.zacaparum.com to read the full story.

About Bolivar Exclusivo Canada

This is the “Corona Extra” vitola also known as the “Simones”.  It is a 5 x 48 stick released in 2007.  Pre-lit, this stogie does not have much of an aroma. However, upon clipping the head and lighting it up, a wonderful, rich tobacco smell. An easy light (with an even burn) led to nice leathery tastes that quickly turned to a sweet, peppery spice. These tones turned to cedar and at times, an almost chocolate flavor.
I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar, especially the latter portions. That rich Bolivar flavor is addictive and I find myself in awe after each pull.
I haven’t had a Bolivar since last year in BC with a pair member, but within the first ten minutes of smoking it, it felt like I was right back there.
A side note to this Bolivar; I heard from a colleague that this specific blend was to be grown near the sea specifically to gain a salty textured wrapper. The group could tell by the wrapper for sure but there were no salty tones that we noticed. Very interesting though.

Pairing Ron Zacapa 23 and Bolivar Exclusivo Canada

Now for the pair, I’d say it was a good one. We all noticed a sugary, fruity taste from the Zacapa and a rich Chocolaty taste from the Bolivar. But even after many pairs with the Zacapa we still haven’t found that “perfect match”. The Bolivar was maybe a bit too mild for this drink and tented to make you want to stop smoking in order to enjoy. But, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a pair to try. I’d say if you have $90 kicking around and you feel like spending it all in an hour, these two labels are a good purchase.
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