This was a great pairing supplied by Matt from our pairing group.  He’s a huge fan of Cubans and wines so it’s no surprised that he showed up with this combination!

The Drink: Pine Ridge Napa Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Pine Ridge Wines was established in the Napa Valley region in 1978.  Napa Valley is a name everyone knows when it comes to Californian wines.  What a lot of people don’t realize is that Napa is further divided into sub-AVAs with even more refined characteristics.  To take these divisions a step further, it isn’t uncommon to see some wines from this region listing their country as California!

This bottle is described as big and bold and that’s certainly accurate.  In  the glass it is a beautiful dark ruby with beautiful legs.  On the nose, rich current, dark berries, vanilla, dark chocolate, and oak.

Finally, on the palate, plumb, ripe cherry, oak, and a tannic, medium-dry finish.  Such a treat in itself!

The Cigar: Bolivar Super Corona EL 2014

The Bolívar Super Coronas Edición Limitada 2014 is a 5.5 x 48 Corona Extra.  Perfectly wrapped, we all enjoyed a great draw on this cigar.  On the nose we get noticeable cedar, chocolate, earth, and raisin.  On the palate, cedar, oak, raisin, vanilla.  The retro-hale is smooth with just a touch of pepper – it is easy and pleasant. The cigar holds true through the length of the stick.

The Pair

After a sip of the wine, the Bolivar has a noticeable decrease in woodiness – less oak and cedar overall, but also more just rounded out.  It’s controlled and an interesting sweetness is now introduced into the cigar.

After a puff of the cigar, a slightly sour citrus creeps into the wine, which is typical in scotch pairings.  It only appears for a moment however, then dissipates as berry and oak take over again.

Makes for a great wine pairing for Bolivar cigars!  We definitely recommend trying this combo out of wine is your thing!  Let us know how it goes!

– David & Matt