The Cigar: Sam Leccia Black

Construction:  This cigar consists of Nicaraguan and Dominican ligeros, Brazilian visos and a Nicaraguan binder surrounded by a dark Habano wrapper.

Off the nose: This fire-cured wrapper smells delicious though not like your traditional tobacco. It reminds me of walking through the local ribfest and smelling sweet hickory smoke, caramelized sugars, and charred wood.

On the palate: The taste is of a buttery nut, dark dried cherries, and undertones of dark chocolate with a slightly peppery feel.

The Drink: Macallan Gold

Appearance: This Highland Scotch has a light golden colour.  It is very clear.  Macallan refers to it as “Burnished Gold”.  It is quite clear despite being non chill-filtered.

Off the nose: Sweet vanilla, chocolate, floral notes, lemon and other citrus. Play with the positioning of your Glencairn glass and you’ll begin to notice orange, oak, and some light crisp smoke come through.

On the Palate: This is a slightly fruity, soft, Scotch with the typical citrus notes you’d expect.  There are some light baking spices in there as well with a medium length finish.

The Pair

When I was planning on pairing cigars with Macallan, I went through many pairs I thought would work, but didn’t.  It was only when I finally grabbed the Leccia Black and took a sniff that I realized this was going to be a great pair.

The profiles are so similar that they blended seamlessly.  It was like the products were made with each other in mind.  The flavour profiles remained constant throughout the pair.

Our Final thoughts:

This was a very good pair!  It comes in at a fairly reasonable price point as well (though it’s hard to get this cigar in Canada).  Definitely give this a try.  And if you’re having a trouble finding the right match, take a good sniff of each component before you get started.  It can be a great indicator of the final result!

– David