The first day for a new pairing is always exciting.  We put a lot of pressure on them to bring us something unique and exciting!  We were completely surprised by this pair, and may I say, I was a little worried at first, but this pair worked out fantastically!  Does it work pairing cigars and Pernod?

– David

My pair “cherry” has been broken! BIG Thanks to Dave & Matt for asking me to join the group.


Pernod is a liqueur from France that has it’s origins in Absinthe.  Absinthe was banned due to its hallucinatory effects.  It is recommended that you break up this drink with some water.  When you do you’ll notice a drastic change in flavour as well as, most noticeably, appearance.  

Appearance (neat): Pale yellow, syrupy & thick.  When cut with water: This drink turns a cloudy, opaque, pale yellow – some chemistry at work here!

On the nose: – Massive liquorice with fennel notes.

On the palate: Liquorice with some sweetness but not overpowering like Sambuca or Ouzo.  The taste lingers. After cut with water a slight citrus is introduced.

Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Diplomatico Maduro

Construction: 7 x 50, box pressed, Nicraguan puro.  A firm roll with a toothy texture.

On the nose: Mild to medium with nuts, leather & coca apparent.

On the palate: Very consistent from start to finish. Flavours are very subtle with coca present throughout.  We experienced a great draw from first puff, and tons of smoke!


Pairing cigars and Pernod

The drink intensified the coca in the cigar. Alternating between them between them brought out more flavour from the cigar & slightly subdued the Pernod.  There’s a slight anaesthesiac affect from the alcohol in the Pernod which is noticeable after your first few sips.  This helps to tame the palate overall and allows the flavours to blend more easily. 


Final Thoughts

This was a surprising pair to us.  But it works.  The biggest reason this pair works is that the Padron doesn’t attempt to clash with the Pernod but serves as a bit of a neutralizer on that big liquorice flavour.  The liquorice and cocoa intermingle nicely in the mouth and the citrus finish adds to the experience.

Serving Tip – It’s recommended by many to cut Pernod at 1:2 or even 1:3 parts ice water. We found the best balance at 1:1 for this pair.

– Jeffery