Can you pair on a budget?

Yes, you can, but if your aim is to go as cheap as possible it will fail.  Two negatives don’t make a positive.  Today we pair up the Macanudo Ascot with a glass of Innis & Gunn original.  We were surprised with the results – and not in a good way.

About the Macanudo Cafe Ascot

The Macanudo Ascot has a Connecticut leaf wrapper that is aged twice though the filler comes from Dominican Republic.  It generally costs between $3 to $4 and though darker Macanudos generally receive bad reviews the Cafe Ascot is often rated around a 75.  Don’t confuse this with other small cigars.  The draw is smooth but not too light.  The smoke is mild but flavorful, with hints of cedar and nutty notes.  You can expect this smoke to last between 15 to 20 minutes during a good conversation or drink.

About Innis & Gunn Original

Innis & Gunn Original is brewed in Scottland before being aged for 30 days in American white oak Bourbon barrels and then a further 47 days in a marrying tun.  It is 6.6% alcohol and will cost you around $3.50 for 330mL or $6 for 750mL.  It is currently the best selling British bottled beer in Canada.  The aroma is a oaky with caramel malt. The flavor is light but complex, tasting of burnt sweetness, woody and, roasted malt with a hops background.

Pairing Macanudo Cafe Ascot and Innis & Gunn Original

The best way to describe this pair is “surprisingly disappointing.”  When tasting the Innis & Gunn completely lost its complexity and turned into a flat, watery drink that simply didn’t satisfy.  In search for a better combination at this price point we decided to try pairing the Macanudo Ascot with Red Stripe.