I fell in love with the Tantrum the first time I tasted it. It’s strength and bold flavours meant I needed a drink that could carry  that weight. Being a limited production cigar  I wanted to fine a drink that matched it’s rarity as well.  This pair is hard to come by and will become increasingly so over time. That makes this pair very special because as stock disappears it wont return. I was very excited to get started.

About Vallein Tercinier Vieille Reserve XO Cognac

This family arrived in the Saintonge region of France in 1480 and that’s where their history beings.  The Vieille Reserve XO is a blend of Grand and Petite Champagne eau-de-vies aged for a minimum of 25 years.  This particular Cognac won gold in 2010 at the International Wine & Spirits Competition for Best in Class. I love exploring new boutique brands both in the cigar and in the spirit world.

Smelling this drink you get rich sweet and floral notes soaked in raw leathers and almost a hint of candied apple.  The taste in the mouth is refreshing and you can taste the notes from other reviewers here – green pepper, curry, clove and vanilla.  The finish is long and takes your breath away! The swallow is followed by orange peel and cherry syrup.  IWSP says the experience on the palate is “fresh and spicy” and I completely agree.  There was some other fruit in there that I just can’t pick out – something sweet and caramelized.

About the Ezra Zion Tantrum

This little cigar is powerful and flavourful right off the start. The draw is easy and the smoke is impressively full – I would say “for the size” but it would be impressive at any gauge! The smoke is rich and creamy with freshly ground black peppercorn and dark espresso bean invading your whole mouth. It’s spicy, rich and delicious!

The Tantrum was made in a small batch of only 1,500 boxes. If you can get your hands on them I highly recommend it!

To find out where to buy these check out http://www.ezrazion.com/retailer/

About the pair

Taking a sip after the smoke this mystery fruit in the drink comes out even stronger. The smoke becomes chocolaty – milk chocolate. The cognac warms the stomach and numbs the tongue. The finish is still quite long. Definitely a cherry syrup to it now with dark chocolate from the smoke. It’s like that chocolate-cherry treat you hate to pick out of a box of chocolates but in this context it works well.

On the retrohale after both elements it there’s a taste of chocolate milk powder.  It’s really an enjoyable combination.

Some pairs make you want more of the drink, some make you want more of the cigar. I want to keep doing these together – back and forth. This is a nice pair!

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Drink pairing for Ezra Zion Tantrum Cigar

Cognac pairing for Ezra Zion Tantrum Cigar