The Cigar: El Rey del Mundo

Construction: This 6 by 49 is light to medium in strength and is a Cuban puro using premium tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo region.

Off the nose: Beautiful aromas of sweet barnyard and hay, it smells like your typical Cuban cigar.

On the palate:  There was a smooth draw with full creamy smoke. We got a peppery finish that you really noticed at the back of your throat. The cigar definitely had a nutty profile. Not your typical Cuban profile but still resembles Cuba in a strange way


The Drink: Oban 14

Oban distillery The distillery was established in 1794 and, having only two pot stills, is one of the smallest in Scotland. The distillary is primarly known for its 14 year old malt, which is what we will be pairing today!

Appearance: This drink is often described as the colour of olive oil but there’s also a pinch of red in there in the right light.

Off the nose: Oban smells of strong smokey oak, with a mild sweetness lingering somewhere in there.

On the palate: This whisky was smokey! We got some citrus notes and a well-defined oak flavor leaving us with a medium, sweet finish. After adding a few drops of water, the citrus becomes completely subdued.  The drink becomes sweeter, smoother and the smokiness becomes cleaner.


The Pair:

After puffing the cigar, the Oban gives a strong honey flavour in the mouth. The finish became shorter with noticeably less citrus. Returning to the cigar,it has become slightly sweeter with a nutty milk chocolate profile. However these profiles are only apparent after you sip the scotch and puff immediately, it was very interesting.


Our Final Thoughts:

The cigar and drink went great together, both the drink and cigar balanced well causing some very unique and tasty flavor profiles.  Give it a try and let us know what you think!

– Matt