We’re so excited to finally announce that we’re releasing our own custom blend after nearly 9 months in the works.

Of course, we’re all about pairing drinks and cigars, so any old cigar wouldn’t do.  We figured, why not give our followers the perfect combo blended into just one cigar?

We chose our favourite Zinfandel to infuse the first third.  An incredible XO rum to infuse the second third.  And we finish off with a delicious cognac-infused third.  You’ll notice a range of tastes as you move from sweet and fruity, through sugar cane and caramel, and finally to dried fruits and sunshine.

We worked with three different and incredible master blenders to get each third of this Nicaraguan puro just right.

We’re pleased with the results!  It’s like a pair day in your pocket!  MSRP is set at just $99 for a box of 4.

If you’re interested in buying some, click here!

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