In November 2013 Cigars & Spirits participated in the Movember Fundraiser.  11 people in total participated raising $2,770 with the help of nearly 60 donors!  Several generous players donated some prizes for those who raised the most money and for 2 random winners who donated money.  Here are the winners:

Grand Prize (Ezra Zion, Cigar Chief, Cigar Press, Crown Shaving Co): John Pappas

2nd Place (Cigar Chief, Cigar Press): Mike Ghaleb

3rd Place (Cigar Chief, Tabacalera Palma): David Morin

4th Place (Cigar Chief, Tabacalera Palma): Geoffery Chan

Donar 1 (Custom Ash): Sherene Ricketts

Donar 2 (The Leather Cigar): Josée Cantin

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