Does a cigar dipped in bourbon pair well with the bourbon that it’s dipped in?  I was curious about this pair being a fan of Maker’s Mark Bourbon though I’m generally not a fan of infused cigars.  I always feel like the manufacturer is trying to hide something unpleasant in the tobacco.  I’d received this cigar as a gift so I decided to give the pair a try.


About Maker’s Mark Bourbon

This is a sweet bourbon with notes of caramel, vanilla and burn sugars.

I would recommend checking out their site as they have some great informational videos and a photo walkthrough of their history.


About the Maker’s Mark 650 Cigar

This first smell of cigar is made of Dominican long filler, Connecticut binder and an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper.   During the seasoning process the cigar is “aromatically enhanced” with Maker’s Mark Bourbon.  The tobacco never actually touches the bourbon so it’s not really like the typical dipped or infused cigar.  It comes in a glass tube sealed with wax at the end like the Maker’s bottles.  I’m not sure how this affects humidification but I suppose any humidity is locked in.

The construction of this cigar is quite soft.  In fact near the head there was a very soft patch that was easily pressed in about 20% of the way into the cigar with very little effort.  It’s very soft.  The smell is almost unnaturally sweet – for sure an infused cigar.  Sweet grass and hay.  I’m already discouraged by this cigar at this point and worry it’ll ruin the drink.  I cut and light.

I cut the cap which reveals 3 stems at the head.  Oh dear…  The dry draw has a sweet taste like over-ripened fruit but then with a strong hit of spice on the tongue and lips.  There’s also some raisin notes in the draw.

The taste isn’t entirely unpleasant but it definitely tastes like a cheap dominican cigar. The kind you’d pick up on an island stop on a caribbean cruise! There’s lots of smoke and the cigar burns on its own – but not in a good way.  These attributes often appeal to a newer smoker but it seems like it’s constructed of the cheaper volado leaves.

I don’t notice much of the bourbon taste to it. I smoked the first third before trying the drink to see if the bourbon flavour would come out on it’s own.  It didn’t.

 See the reviews for yourself at Famous Smoke.

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About the pair

Drink remains constant after this cigar, holding it’s original strength and flavour.  However when returning to the cigar, the smoke gets bitter and unpleasant.

It’s just not good. The problem here is really the quality of the cigar. The bourbon is great but the cigar is not for an experienced palate.  Just don’t buy it.

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