This pair started off with the cigar. I really enjoy Ezra Zion’s products and when I had the chance to pair the FHK I just couldn’t wait.  I wanted to find something special that not only paired really well, but also a drink that shared the cigars meaning and dedication.

The Drink: Hine Homage Cognac

In 1817, Thomas Hine inherited his cognac house from his father in law and gave his name to the company: Thomas Hine & Co. But just a few years later in 1822, he died of pneumonia leaving the company for his eldest son to take over. Six generations passed before the man who named the company was honored with a line of his own.

Hine Homage is made up of a a unique blend of Early Landed Grande Champagne vintage cognacs from 1984, 1986, and 1987.  They are then matured in oak casks in the UK along with some extra old cognacs aged in HINE’s cellars in Jarnac.

On the palate: This drink is floral and fruity.  We picked up notes of apple, cherry, citrus, spices, and the mushroom that comes from the damp seaside cellars in the UK.  The drink is well rounded, and the finish is medium in length.

The Cigar: Ezra Zion FHK

The FHK was released January 2, 2014. This cigar was released as a tribute to the fathers of owners Chris and Kyle.

Construction: It contains a fantastic combination of Mexican wrapper, Indonesian binder, and fillers from Brazil and Nicaragua. We enjoyed the “Truth” vitola which is a box-pressed 44 x 7.00 with a fantastic draw and silky chocolate appearance.

On the palate: This cigar is a delicious earthy leather.  Some espresso and black pepper notes are also present at the start but soften as the cigar is smoked.

The Pair

After taking a puff of the cigar: The finish on the drink lengthens. The citrus and spices become slightly more pronounced.  Neither is overpowering – just more refined.

Going back to the cigar, after taking a drink: The cigar remains fairly consistent after the drink but with the earth becoming slightly more pronounced.

Final Thoughts

The pair is great.  Each component holds well against the other, losing nothing, but becoming more defined.  I always enjoy Ezra Zion’s products and felt the best way to honour this cigar was with a drink that also honoured its forefathers.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

– David