This pairing was a revisit the the previous Ron Zacapa 23 and La Aurora 100 Anos pairing. The sweetness and lightness of the Ron Zacapa Rum wasn’t able to hold it’s own against the leathery richness of the 100 Anos.  We hoped that the strength of this cognac would bring out new notes in the cigar.

About Hennessy VSOP Cognac

Hennessy is a world-leading cognac house based in Cognac, France, selling about 50 million bottles per year. This drink is a rich blend of honeyed fruit, spices, buttery undertones and a warm smooth finish.  We served this cognac neat.  A fantastic drink.

About La Aurora 100 Anos

The La Aurora 100 Anos or ” Cien Años” was made in 2003 as a limited edition cigar made solely from Dominican tobacco to celebrate La Aurora’s 100th Anniversary. La Aurora describes the wrapper “silky Dominican Corojo … that has been aged four years.”  Originally only 400,000 of these were made, each serial-numbered so you can be sure you’re getting an original. This cigar was rated Cigar Aficionado’s #2 cigar of the year in 2004.  This cigar is what I would describe as slightly above medium-bodied with a leather and tea flavor throughout with hints of vanilla, caramel and cinnamon.  It is well built, sophisticated and complex.  Though some people have complained of burn issues I have not noticed this yet.  The price point on this cigar is high as it is limited and quite special.

As a side note La Aurora revealed in June 2012 that it will be bringing back another run of 3 sizes and 20,000 of each.  A maduro robusto will also be produced but only a run of 7000.  You can read more about this on Cigar Aficionado.

Pairing Hennessy VSOP Cognac and La Aurora 100 Anos

This smoke is still the great smooth, rich, oily cigar that we loved during our pairing of the La Aurora 100 Anos with Ron Zacapa 23 and the drink we remembered enjoying so much with our pairing of Bolivar Simones and Hennessy VSOP Cognac. This pairing went very well for some of us, but didn’t impress others.  Personally I thought it was a good match and that each element brought out new tasting notes in the other.  However I think that something stronger still, like an Armagnac, would be an even better match.  If you want to make an impression this is a great pair to place on a table.  This pair was rich and satisfying and can last you one to two hours.