This was one of our earliest pairs that did not particularly go well.  I’d like to give this stick another try though to see if it was simply the combination that ruined the experience.

About Hennessy VSOP Cognac

Hennessy is a world-leading cognac house based in Cognac, France, selling about 50 million bottles per year. This drink is a rich blend of honeyed fruit, spices, buttery undertones and a warm smooth finish.  We served this cognac neat.  A fantastic drink.

About Cuaba Divinos

These 43 x 101mm Cubans are essential a mini perfecto.  They have a slightly tight draw and a small foot which can make lighting a bit tricky.  The cigar has a strong tobacco and moist earth flavor that is slightly woody and bitter though I’ve heard that with aging this will lighten up and make way for fruitier flavors.  It seems that construction is a bit of an issue with these as many box-purchasers complain that at least half will be rolled too tightly making it hard to make a general assessment of this cigar.  Overall we were not overly pleased with the experience this cigar gave us.

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Pairing Hennessy VSOP Cognac and Cuaba Divinos

We did not find this pair went well together and wouldn’t recommend trying it.  The cigar became very ashy next to an excellent drink.