Pairing with brandies has to be one of my favourite things wether it be cognac, armagnac, or more traditional Spanish brandies.  I’ve recently fallen in love with pairing with Cardinal Mendoza’s Solera Gran.  The richness and sweetness drove me towards a delicious maduro from one of my favourite manufacturers.

Cardenal Mendoza Solera Gran

“This unique Spanish brandy is aged, like a sherry, in a solera made from casks that previously held fine Pedro Ximénez and oloroso sherries, imparting an incredible richness and complexity to the spirit.” –

In the glass: A dark brown with a slight orange hue. Long, thick legs.
On the nose: Brown sugar, vanilla, plum, raisin, floral notes.
On the palate: Sweet, raisin, caramel, prunes, black liquorice finish.

Ezra Zion All My Exes Maduro

Ezra Zion does it again.  This highly anticipated release from one of my favourite manufacturers contains a San Andres maduro wrapper, around Nicaraguan binder and fillers.

“This combination of Ligero and the SA maduro wrapper creates a full bodied, full strength cigar.”

On the nose: Sweet grass, light hay.
On the palate: Peppery and rich. Thick creamy smoke. Spicy on the lips. Woody. BBQ charred flavour.

Pairing Brandy and Cigars

After a puff of the cigar notes of sweet orange emerge in the drink. After the drink, the woodiness in the cigar cuts through again with notes of oak and a layer of semi-sweet chocolate.

I would definitely enjoy this pair again – pairing a bottle with a box.  It’s a great pair to enjoy with friends, or on your own.  Give it a try and let us know what you think!

– David