The Cigar: Diplomatico #2

Construction: Beautiful chocolate brown wrapper, with minimal veins. The cigar appears to have a nice oily sheen on it.

Off the nose: The cigar smells of beautiful barnyard, and fresh tobacco with hints of sweetness lingering.

On the palate: The light was easy on this cigar, there was a beautiful open draw with tons of smoke. We discovered sweet notes of hay, and hints of spice. There were some nutty notes on the finish.


The Drink: Aberlour 10 year

Diplomatico cigar and Aberlour scotch pairingAppearance: This scotch has a beautiful reddish amber colour in the glass, with long thin legs running down the sides.

Off the nose: we’ve noticed some hints of orange peel, a little bit of smokiness and some hints of sweet toffee. However, the toffee notes are very minimal and only noticed by a couple members.

On the Palate: Surprisingly this scotch doesn’t have much kick to it. There are some hints of smoke, while most of the flavors lean towards citrus and fruity notes, with hints of oak on the finish.


The Pair

Diplomatico cigar and Aberlour scotch pairingThe drink after the cigar: Coming back to the drink we’ve noticed that the citrus notes have gone down quite a bit. In turn, this has caused us to focus more on the oak that we found on the finish. We still get hints of citrus, but to our surprise, 80% of that fruitiness has gone!

The cigar after the drink: We have not noticed much change. A couple of our members say they notice more earthy notes in the cigar with a little bit of sweet grass / hay. Other than that, the cigars seems to be pretty consistent.


Our Final thoughts:

This was not a bad pair at all. The cigar stood its ground against the scotch, both the cigar and the scotch were mild – medium in body so this makes for a great “anytime” pair. The scotch is a less expensive bottle, but still compares to something of a higher caliber. We’ve found that Aberlour has a good reputation, and you cannot really go wrong with anything in their range. The cigar is a consistent cigar, we’ve paired this one in the past, and we’ve always been happy with the performance. Diplomatico is one brand that we really enjoy pairing! The pair works well! Give it a try and let us know what you think!

– Matt