I’ve always liked the Diplomaticos. They have to be one of my favourite cigars. I might even call it my go-to stick, so choosing the cigar for this pair was a no brainer. As for the Hennessy, I’ve always liked the VS. I’ve found it to be one of those drinks for any occasion. However, I’ve never really had the opportunity to try the V.S.O.P. I decided on this pair because after reading up about the cigar, I found a lot of similarities between the V.S.O.P and the cigar, I was hoping for a smooth pair and something that was well balanced in strength and flavours.

About Hennessy VSOP Cognac

Hennessy V.S.O.P was created especially for the Prince of Wales, later to be King George IV of great Britain, He loved his cognac and contacted Hennessy directly asking them to create a very superior old pale cognac. (V.S.O.P) Since then, the term V.S.O.P has been used as a benchmark for the entire industry. The Cognac has aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and oak. When sipped we found it to be soft of the palate, smooth going down with a long finish. We were getting strong citrus flavors, as well as orange chocolate, surprisingly.

About the Diplomatico #2

Diplomaticos were the first new brand of Cuban cigars after the Cuban Revolution to be sold to the public. They were initially created in 1966 as a value smoke aimed towards the French cigar market. The original Diplomatico line consisted of five sizes, which mimicked the Montecristo line by using numbers to name their vitola’s, not names.  Through out the years, from 1976 – 2013 all  vitolas except for the number 2 have been discontinued.  You may have heard rumors of the #2 being cut as well, however I don’t see this happening anytime soon, as they recently released a a special exclusive to spain vitola.

About the Pair

This pair was a good one, the cigar seemed to take away the long finish of the Hennessy, and it also tamed down the drink a bit, the cigar was smooth and very tasty, which we found complimented the drink. One of our pairing members found the cigar brought out a lot of citrus in the drink, and found it to be a bit much. However, the rest of us quite enjoyed it. We all agreed that the cigar was fantastic, and we would have been just as happy drinking water. Neither the cigar nor the drink overpower the other, instead they worked together bringing you a fantastic balance of smoothness, and flavor.  We would definitely recommend this pair!

– Matt

Cigar pairing for Courvoisier VSOP cognac

Drink pairing for Diplomatico No 2 cigar