This was a casual pairing that I did on my own.  A couple of us are big fans of the Avo XO but I hadn’t yet had the Axo Heritage and really wanted to see how it would compare.  Cigarzin was a Zinfandel I was also looking forward to try.  Sometimes a lot of thought goes into our pairs, sometimes during our daily experimentation we just find an excellent combination we need to write about.  When pairing cigars and wine, this is a great place to start.

About the Avo Heritage

The Avo heritage was released at IPCPR in 2010.  It has an Ecuadorian wrapper, Dominican binder and a Dominican-Peruvian blended filler.   The stick began with subtle spice on the dry-draw and on the lips.  After lighting some spice was still presentin the smoke as well.  It was not quite the delicate tastes of the XO that I was used to but still quite good for one of Avo’s cheapest sticks.

About the Cigarzin 2009 Zinfandel

I’m not generally a Zinfandel guy so this wine was a bit outside my normal scope.  Judging by the name this Californian wine suggests that the intended pair is a cigar though on their website they surprisingly don’t make any mention of it.   The wine starts off with some tangy/spicy notes.  About halfway through the stick notes of citrus and toasted nut began to come through.

Pairing Cigarzin with the Avo Heritage

Often wines are overpowered by cigars but this one is not overpowered though there is a definite difference in the flavour.  Tobacco flavours in the wine actually become more defined but it still tastes more like under-ripened blackberries.  When pairing cheaper wines with cheaper cigars we typically get some ashy taste in the mouth from the cigar but you don’t get that with this combination.

When tasting the cigar after the drink it became smoother – more buttery and creamy in the mouth with any harshness that was there disappearing.

If you’re a fan of zinfandels it actually made this cigar even better and made the flavours more pronounced.  If you could afford to buy several bottles of it and drink it every time you smoked a Heritage you could save money on the XO!  When it comes to pairing cigars and wine, this works and we recommend it!

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