Tabacalera Perdomo

At the end of March 2013 the Cigars & Spirits pairing group had the opportunity to head down to Miami for a short cigar-vacation.  We visited several offices of major manufacturers and a number of cigar lounges and shops.  One of my personal favorites was our stop at Tabacalera Perdomo.We had been in touch with their Operations Manager, Juan Liranzo.  Approaching the gated lot at 5150 NW 167th Street we were really looking forward to learning more about the business, their philosophies and how they work.

Walking in we were welcomed by Daisy, the receptionist, who pointed us toward the large walk-in humidor and then their large u-shaped couch in the middle of the room.  Juan was very friendly when he came out and immediately led us to the office of Nick Perdomo (Jr.), who unfortunately was out of the office that day with family.  Inside Mr. Perdomo’s office were several large bookcases, his large desk, some security monitors, a glass window looking out to the main reception area and an elaborate drum kit which we were told he loves to play.

A Family Business

We then met some more staff before being led to the back warehouse where all the orders are processed.  This is where we began to learn more about the family atmosphere of Perdomo.  We met a man, whose name escapes me, who has worked there for many years processing orders – unpacking boxes, moving product, repacking, shipping, etc.  Having gotten on in years he was encouraged to retire but he refused!  He said he would work for free if he had to because he loved the company so much but he wouldn’t retire.  They decided to keep him.  After that we walked into the large cooled and locked humidors that kept all the cigars in stock waiting for distribution.  We were also able to meet their creative lead, Daniel, whose business card names him as “Daniel Perdomo” even though this is not truly his last name.  It was another sign of how the business is operated like a family.

We learned a lot about Mr. Perdomo’s involvement in the political world doing what he can to help the industry and in turn help us, the cigar smokers.  There’s a great article here about Nick Perdomo’s political influences.

The Stories

Juan explained to us that every cigar had a story behind it and the name reflected that story.  Lot 23 was named after the farm where those tobaccos come from.  The Silvio is named after Nick Jr’s grandfather, Silvio Perdomo who was incarcerated by Castro in terrible conditions in Cuba.  And although we weren’t told this specifically we figure that the Cuban Bullet is probably somehow related to the incident where Nick Perdomo Sr. was shot by Cuban guerrilla fighters which to the end of his days he carried two bullets in his body – but this is unofficial so don’t quote us!

Go Visit!

Once back in the front room we were able to browse the large walk-in and see every Perdomo available in every vitola including some testing sticks that had not yet been named or released.  After making our purchases we sat down in the large open area on their 14 seat u-shaped leather couches in front of a large LCD TV.  There was also a smaller private lounge, celebrity-owned lock-box humidors, and a pool table for your enjoyment.  The atmosphere is inviting and welcoming.  I suspect if you’re not looking for a tour you could go in any time, purchase some cigars and enjoy them in a great atmosphere.  This is a must-visit for any cigar enthusiast visiting the Miami area.

If you have any questions or need contact information they’re available at 1 888 642 5797 or pop by at:5150 NW 167th Street, Miami Lakes, Fl 33014

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The Perdomo Crest at Tabacalera PerdomoJuan of Tabacalera Perdomo giving us a tourDaisy the receptionist at Tabacalera PerdomoWorker at Tabacalera PerdomoLot 23 plaque at Tabacalera PerdomoThe walk-in humidor at Tabacalera PerdomoPotential future blends available for testing at Tabacalera Perdomo Nick Perdomo's first car (awaiting repair) at Tabacalera Perdomo Boxes of Perdomo anniversary cigars Only Great Men Smoke Cigars at Tabacalera Perdomo One of the original boxes of the Perdomo Silvio Recreation at Tabacalera Perdomo The lounge at Tabacalera Perdomo Smoking at Tabacalera Perdomo