Where the heck is Stulac?

In March of this year our pair group went down to Miami/Fort Lauderdale FL (as you may have already read in our posts) and enjoyed hanging out with some of the biggest names in the cigar business. We were lucky to meet with the head honchoes at Alec Bradley, Perdomo, Padron and who I’m about to tell you about…Mr. Paul Stulac. If you know about Stulac cigars then you’re already aware that the quality and taste is high on the list of great cigars, and if you don’t know about Stulac cigars…then I’m excited to tell you about them now!

Paul Stulac

There is always history behind the cigar, this is one of the reasons we started this pairing group in the first place… cigar history. Even though Paul may not have the tales of the tobacco fields, 100 year traditions and no pretenses, he still has a passion driven story that brought him to where he is today.

Paul mentioned he worked in a cigar kiosk when he was a teen in Halifax, Nova Scotia and slowly worked his way up to owning the shop in Bishops landing now called “Smoke on the Water” (below image) which specializes in premium Cuban, Nicaraguan, Dominican and Honduran Cigars and home of the Paul Stulac brand of cigars.


As we talked we realized this was no real estate agent turned cigar aficionado, this is a cigar pro who knows everyone and knows everything about running a successful cigar making business.


What’s super cool about Paul was how laid back and humble he is. From the moment we met him he handed us cigars, showed us around his new shop in Fort Lauderdale (on Las Olas Blvrd) and had us over to his house a couple times. He’s an all around nice guy!

What was really cool to see was Stulac’s rolling room in Miami. There we got to see the whole process from start to finish and get fully introduced by his mastermind partner Guillermo Pena. Guillermo runs a tight ship, he loves his stations cleaned at all times and cigars looking and tasting perfect. He is seriously knowledgeable in all things cigar and takes care of the production of Stulac’s brand from seed to smoke.


Guillermo and Paul were in the midst of testing a new blend while we were there, we didn’t get to taste it but I can tell you the room smelled fantastic! Paul’s current line-up exists of three blends – White Blinding Light, Red Screaming Sun and Black Midnight Fire.  Rumor has it that he’s working very hard to perfect his very popular original blend (but you didn’t hear that from us).

Oh, and Guillermo tests 7-9 cigars a day. Boss.

You tell him!

I mentioned above how from the moment we met Paul he was very hospitable and handed us cigars, well…funny story actually.

We we’re chatting it up in the main room of his new shop and he handed out some White Blinding Light sticks to the group and mentioned “Hey, let’s get a coffee down by the water”. So we all headed out the doors and started walking down the street. Not really paying attention, Divino (from our group) put some stuff away in the trunk of the rental car and caught up with us. About 15 minutes later now sweating from the blazing hot sun and walking in our “Canadian clothes” we finally hit a restaurant right on the strip. Paul says to the waitress “Could you get us a table outside so we can have a coffee and a smoke?” Mmmm, sounds like such a good plan…except that what Divino had dropped in the trunk were the Paul Stulac White Blinding Light cigars! I look over to the red faced pair group member to see him whispering to another “You tell him!”.

Let’s just say the walk back was shameful.

Red Screaming Sun

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 2.25.07 PM

Out of all the cigars I’ve had of Stulac’s (which have been a lot now) my favourite is the Red Screaming Sun. And yes an epic name, but again a nice touch from Paul in order to break away from tradition and offer something new in the “traditional” cigar industry. This smoke is killer for many reasons.

The gauge and the length are my kind of size; Robusto 5×54 with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, Sumatra binder and Nicaraguan filler. Right off the top there is a huge hit of flavour, smooth easy draw with tons of smoke. For me I get hints of pepper on the tongue followed by deep rich chocolate and a graham cracker finish. I can’t wait to pair this one with something, keep en eye out for that review!

So…where the heck is Stulac?

After finding out about Paul and the cigars this guy has made…we were all blown away and quite frankly annoyed that they are so hard to come by. We hope by reading this review you’ll head into your local shop and ask the question “Where the heck is Stulac?” and get them to either order them in, or point you in the direction of this fantastic brand of cigars.

Visit: www.paulstulaccigars.com to see the cigar line as well as merchandise an more.