Coming into the trip, we were all very excited about going to Padron’s headquarters, so we planned it to be the final visit of the trip. We had ended up spending some extra time with Paul Stulac before going to Padron and didn’t actually make it to the Padron HQ until about 4:40PM. Upon arriving at Padron, we went to the front gates, but they were all closed. Our hearts sank with disappointment, until we walked around the side and saw that the gate was still open. We walked into the parking lot and saw a man wearing a Padron shirt. I asked if they were closed and he told us he didn’t speak English. Then he said “Padron?” and we agreed. He then walked us over to the ’employees only’ door at the side and to our amazement, Jorge Padron opened the door!!

Now, when you go there, you don’t expect El Presidente to answer the door, so a few of our members had to struggle to suppress their feelings of absolute glee! He opened the door and welcomed us in then introduced us to his father, Mr. Jose Padron himself! It seemed as though we were somewhat stuck in a whirlwind as then Jessica and Jeff walked out. As we started the tour of the office, we were honoured to each receive a 1926 no 9 from Jorge as we were invited us into Mr. Jose Padron’s office to watch the new video they hadn’t yet released (which is now on youtube) and something they were excited to show! This video definitely offers insight into how particular and precise the Padron operation is and how much goes into giving you a superb stick.

We took the opportunity to take some pictures as you can see below, and then Jessica walked us to the front to show us their showroom. When you walk into there, you really get a nostalgic feeling, like you’re walking into more than a store, but rather, into a piece of history of cigars itself. There are a bunch of cases that show some large pieces to the Padron history, including the hammer. Then obviously you see all of the beautiful cigars in the glass case. So we picked up a box of 1926 maduro no. 5’s, although now in retrospect, I wish we picked up a lot more than that!

We did feel a little bad since it was the end of the day, but they were so gracious and accommodating and allowed us to ask some questions and take some pics.

If you’re in town, please make a point of dropping by the Padron HQ. You will seeĀ peopleĀ that aren’t just working there, but instead, people that are there doing what they love. We can’t wait to go back and we will be sure to schedule our time in a better way!

If you’re interested in some help getting in touch with the folks at Padron because you’d like to visit them please shoot us an email at

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