Over the last year three great products have been introduced by #botl, for #botl.  At Cigars & Spirits we love the creativity and initiative in the cigar community.  We have three ‘competitors’ in the industry from different backgrounds with different capabilities, taking different approaches and with different solutions.  We decided to do a friendly review listing only the pros for each product and letting you decide which product is best for your needs. Here they are in a very unbiased alphabetical order:

Cigar rests, stogie stands, siesta, redneck rest Padrons on cigar stands



Redneck Fabrications “Redneck Rest”

is made by Kevin Taylor of Houston, Texas.  Kevin works around steel all day and says he just decided he wanted to make a cool stand!  It is made out of a section of a steel plate and a 1″ steel pipe with visible weld marks.  “I made it like I live. On a budget, and rugged” says Kevin.

Advantages:  It “can’t get messed up.”  You can’t scratch the paint, can’t chip and it wont warp. Over the years it gains character and ware as the weather has its affect on this product.  This stand is good for ash wars as you can stand up to a 52 gauge stick vertically into the pipe.  The narrower diameter of the stand allows you to sit the cigar on longer than the other two. It is ready to paint yourself any color if desired.  It is the tallest of the three and is definitely tall enough to use with most ashtrays at a lounge. The base is also the largest helping to prevent knocking it over.  It is relatively inexpensive at $17.

Key Points: Rugged, sturdy, versatile

Where to buy one: http://www.redneckfab.com/
Drink pairing for MUWATRedneck Rest



Custom Ash “Siesta”:

is made by Matt Henderson of Oakville, Ontario.  Having grown up in his father’s machine shop and working along side him, Matt came up with the idea for the Siesta while machining a part that looked similar.  He originally made it for himself but once people saw it the demand steadily increased.

Advantages: The Siesta is a solid piece of anodized alluminum.  It is very strong, and much lighter than it would’ve been out of steel. It will never rust and never chip or crack. It is manufactured with extreme precision. It comes in black, polished, a few two-toned configurations and a 24kt gold plated version.  Laser engraving is also available along with several add-on options like a bag clip, a magnet in the bottom or a nubbing tool hidden inside.  There are also a number of complimentary products such as ashtrays that are made to work with this product.  It sits high enough up however that you can use it with a non-Custom Ash ashtray at a pub.  It’s shape and size allow for fairly easy transportation.  Tall enough to use with most ashtrays at a lounge and its weight makes sure it wont tip over. This is a premium product that costs around $25 for your basic black.

Key Points: Customizable, longevity, premium appearance

Where to buy one: http://www.customash.com

Custom Ash Siesta - cigar standCustom Ash Siesta - cigar stand


Daniel Reyes’ “Stogie Stand”

is made by Daniel Reyes of Rancho Cucamonga, California.  Daniel originally had been working on a corian ashtray and was about to attach this Stogie Stand as part of it but then realized its value on its own.  Portability was the key in this design which resulted in it being light and flat and the result was a stand that could be carried just about anywhere!

Advantages: This is the flattest and lightest stand.  It’s able to fit into your pocket or travel humidor. Comes in a few colors and even a lancero edition which is about 50% longer than the standard version.  Because of it’s portability it’s easy to carry without someone asking you what’s in your pocket.  Its low center of gravity means there’s no way you’re going to knock it over.  Nubbing a cigar on it can actually cause the corion to stain, absorbing the colors of the  tobacco.  At this point you can easily wipe it away with a scotchbrite pad or allow it to keep absorbing the colors, much like a Meerschaum pipe, showing all the experiences you’ve had and building its own character.  This unit is the most affordable at just $11!

Key Points: Portability, light weight, affordable

Where to buy one: email stogiestand@gmail.com

Drink pairings for Davidoff cigarsStogie Stand by Daniel Reyes








In conclusion, we’ve tried to give you an unbiased overview of the three stands without any negatives up front as we agreed with the manufacturers.  We want to help you find the right stand for you based on what they have to offer.  All three are very different and you’ll need to determine the negatives yourselves before you buy.  Cheaper, taller, heavier, more expensive, lighter, flatter – these are all things to consider!  Want the unbiased details?  You can email us questions at info@nicepair.ca!