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  • Handmade Kids Products

        About a month ago I began working on a project with two friends of mine.  The project is a website called Style My Child which is an online sales website for selling high quality

  • Great Sites for Guys

    I've come across several sites in my e-travels that aim to make the life of a guy cheaper, easier, funnier, better looking or simply entertain you. IF you're a guy, check these out (not the best post

  • Phone Jack Night Light

    You know these things.  These LED night lights cost about $6 for the GE brand and about $2 for the dollar store brand.  They use only .3 Watts, last 100,000 hours and only turn on when it's dark

  • 3D Modelling with Google Sketchup

      The first modelling I ever did was in 3Ds Max in 2001.  After I learned the basics I experimented with Bryce, Maya, Poser, Lightwave, Vue D'Esprit, Valve's Hammer. Blender and finally

  • – Bible Reading Tracker

    Hey all. I've been working on a system to help myself and others read through their Bibles. Most Christians I think have wanted to read through the whole book but haven't for whatever reason. I tried

  • Turn your baby monitor into an iPod dock

    The bla bla bla No really. I am this cheap. That, and I like a challenge. So I have no money but I want an amplified speaker so I can hear the video sound coming out of my super quiet Mac Mini.

  • -=zTk=- Counterstrike Clan

    Nerd Alert: This post is based on my more nerdy side. Yes, worse than my API examples. It's about the gaming community I was a big part of from 2008 - 2009. From June 2008 until March

  • API Samples

    I'm currently working on a project which I will reveal soon in which I needed to be able to access the Bible online.  So blessed and fortunate are we that in this day such a resource exists and for

  • David says: I think of my life as status updates

    I realized the other day while I'm driving that I'm constantly thinking of one-liner status updates and tweets that I think will get me the most likes, re-tweets or at the very least, laughs - which