Cigar nubbing is an interesting hobby to me.  Why is it that we insist on burning our fingers and moustache hairs to enjoy the last 1″ of a cigar?  Why do we ask strangers for hair pins or toothpicks or carry around gherkin forks with us in order to smoke just 5 minutes longer?  I don’t know!  But what I do know is that I’ve been searching for the right tool for the job for a long time.

The problems I have with existing nubbers:

  1. You can’t set it down. Once you’ve attached your stick to your nubbing tool there’s no chance you’re putting that thing down!  Probably because you’ve chosen a corn holder or a toothpick.  And believe me, there’s no way you’re balancing a nub on a table on the end of a toothpick!
  2. You can’t get your lips close enough!  If somehow the tool can be set down, it’s probably too fat to to actually get your lips close to in the first place! And then you’re stuck with the awkwardness of practically placing the entire tool in your mouth just to get some air through that thing.
  3. They don’t exist. I have only seen one other actual, purpose-built nubbing tool in my life and it failed under numbers 1 and 2.  Most people end up sticking something through their stick that isn’t meant to be there in the first place.  The shafts are smooth and the cigar can’t keep in place to begin with, forever sliding up and down and spinning around while you chase it with your lips.

Recently I discovered this “stoggie nubber” somewhat by accident while Googling something else.  When I saw it I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen these out there already!  It has a solid base with some weight to it that you can easily sit down and have your stick off the table (takes care of issue #1).  The top is tapered like a sniper’s bullet so you can actually get the cigar to your lips to enjoy (takes care of issue #2).  And the stabby end is threaded!  So your nub doesn’t go spinning around on you and there’s no risk of it falling off (takes care of issue #3).

I really recommend that if you’re into nubbing your cigar you check this tool out.  It looks cool, it’s functional and it’s only $17 – which when you consider how much you’re saving nubbing all those cigars it works out well!  We love em.  Check them out and consider picking one up if you can and supporting this #botl –

Carlito's Stogie Nubber

Cigar Nubbing Tool