Bushmills 16 year-old Malt

Bushmills was founded in 1608 in Atrim, Ireland.  In the 1850s a malt tax was introduced which drastically increased the price of malted barley. This caused many distillers to change their recipes but Bushmills stuck to quality and kept their recipe, and integrity, in tact.  Bushmills 16 year-old is a blend of two whiskeys that have matured for 16 years – one in a bourbon barrel and the other in sherry, and then finally married together in a sweet port infused cask.  The sweetness of the port comes through on the back of the throat and finishes with marzipan, honey and nuts like almond and praline.

This is an Irish masterpiece (as if anything Irish isn’t… ie, Guinness). This was a 4 oz pour with an “ice ball” from the traditional Macallan machine (about the size of a racquet ball) that brings the wood and currant out with the slow chill and melt of the “rock” – Megan ( of Magnums Cigars and Sporits – Phx, Az) gives you the appropriate tasting technique (don’t forget to “chew” the whiskey on the back to cover the entire palate).

Julius Caesar Robusto

Julius Caesar from J.C. Newman is made by the Fuente family to honor “JC”, or Julius Caesar Newman, the founder of JC Newman cigars.  The cigar features an Ecuadorian, Havana-seed wrapper while the filler and binder or a  blend of Central American tobaccos.  The flavors you’ll notice will be coffee, earth, wood and leather with some softer cream and hints of baking spices.

The “stick” is a very clean finishing Connecticut wrapped beauty. Even burn with a tight ash – the mark of a good long filler. I was told today by another tobacconist that when she was out of the Opus X her customers went to this cigar – AGREED! This cigar is a clean, full bodied smoke that not only compliments but enhances the drink its paired with.

About the pair

Together the clean and slightly fruity finish of this  whiskey is only magnified and opened by the cleanliness of this cigar. Rarely are two paired that one does not over power another – this my friends is that blend!!!

I hope that you all enjoy this and as a combat Veteran I tip my cap to all of my fellow cigar aficionados out there!!!

Stay thirsty!


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Cigar pairing for Bushmills Irish Whiskey