This pair was dreamed up after a disappointing pair between the Macanudo Ascot and Innis & Gunn.  We felt that a this cigar is more suited towards a lager rather than an ale. We weren’t disappointed but I think we still have better pairs to find for the budget pair category.

About the Macanudo Cafe Ascot

The Macanudo Ascot has a Connecticut leaf wrapper that is aged twice though the filler comes from Dominican Republic.  It generally costs between $3 to $4 and though darker Macanudos generally receive bad reviews the Cafe Ascot is often rated around a 75.  Don’t confuse this with other small cigars.  The draw is smooth but not too light.  The smoke is mild but flavorful, with hints of cedar and nutty notes.  You can expect this smoke to last between 15 to 20 minutes during a good conversation or drink.

About Red Stripe Lager

Red Stripe is the Jamaican lager, brewing out of Kingston, Jamaica since 1918.  The current recipe is has been unchanged since 1938 and is distributed by Guinness Brewing Worldwide.  The drink is very clear, straw coloured and has a little, flat head.  It is somewhat sweet with well rounded hoppy flavours.  The beer is light and refreshing on its own and would be great on any warm day.

Pairing Macanudo Cafe Ascot and Red Stripe Lager

This pairing was much better than the previously mentioned Macanudo Ascot and Innis & Gunn pairing.  But I suspect that has to do with this drink simply being less complex to begin with.  It’s very refreshing and somewhat cleanses the palate between puffs, but still has a great flavour.  While it did bring out some new tastes in the smoke I think there’s a better pair to be had for both of these.  That being said, I would do this combination again.  For under $6 this combination works for mowing the lawn, sitting in the hammock, or just about anything at all on a nice day.

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