This pairing focused on the notes of pepper in both the cigar and whiskey.  This was also a palate training exercise that proved to be a great pair.

Black Velvet Whiskey

A first impression of sweet caramel becomes a lasting one, while other flavours come and go. But the sweetness also has candy-like, almost sugar-like qualities. A lush mouthfeel, which is surprising in a three-year-old whisky, Black Velvet has both creamy and oily sensations. I reviewed this whiskey online and found a common comment of rubber from the nose and briefly crosses the palate followed by increasingly hot and lingering pepper, complemented by hot ginger that heats the sides of your mouth. Our group didn’t notice pepper or rubber…but lets say that’s a good thing.

It’s a fruity whisky whose fruitiness goes in two directions: dark sweet fruits, fruit juice, over-ripe fruit, and cream sherry, then a bitter grapefruit zest and oranges.  The finish is medium-short and fading. Ripe fruit, caramel, and cane sugar. And overall smooth and tasty.

Black Velvet is a Canadian whiskey introduced by Jack Napier in 1951.  The smoothness is attributed to being blended at distillation rather than at bottling.

I have to say for a cheaper whiskey, this was a deal for the quality it tasted like.

Padron 1926 No. 2

The Padron 1926 Series is one of the rarest from the Padron line. Every 1926 is made from Nicaraguan specially aged tobacco. These cigars could easily be a smokeable prized possession of any avid smoker.

This cigar has some spice right off the top, but the pull is so incredibly easy and the amount of smoke was very impressive. We’ve never had one complaint  about a hard draw on these great cigars. This was a cigar that was deceivingly easy to smoke, but I say ‘deceivingly’ because despite the ease to smoke, it really delivers a punch. A very strong and full flavoured cigar.

Pairing Black Velvet Whiskey with the Padron 1926 No. 2

Pairing up a cheap whiskey and a fantastic, not so cheap cigar is risky…but the group and I both felt we never lost anything from the cigar and the power from the cigar  didn’t cheapen the taste of the whiskey.

I also brought in a plate of assorted meats and cheeses, considering the flavours of pepper, that made the pair that much more enjoyable. I would say the pair was a nice one and I suggest grabbing it for yourself.

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