You pair sometimes because you are curious or maybe because you were told to. This Pair came together through research on the two elements separately…and finding an awesome connection.

About the Toraño Exodus “50 Year”

Among Cuba’s then-brightest cigar talents was Carlos Toraño, who fled the country to begin life anew in the free world. Carlos Torano Exodus “50 Year” celebrates the 50 years of manufacturing cigars, but that’s not how far the legacy goes back. Way back three generations ago Carlos’ Great Grandfather and his brothers were one of the first few who moved the tobacco industry to other countries for manufacturing. Nicaragua, Mexico and Ecuador had yet to master the art of growing great tobacco and it was Carlos Torano’s Great Grandfather that trained up workers and started helping manufacturers build up their cigar companies.
Carlos Torano Exodus 1959 “50 Year” Robusto sports a blend of Nicaraguan & Pueblo Nuevo long fillers, Honduran binder, and a shimmering Brazilian Arapiraca Maduro wrapper. The smoke represents all countries the Torano family touched on, which in turn created a golden brown cigar that tastes like “awesome”. The cigar reveals a medium-bodied, complex smoke brimming with flavours of sweet nutmeg, coffee and cinnamon. And that’s just the cigar.

About Audrey Cognac

The grandson of A. Edmond Audry was in search of a cigar that would go well with his new line of cognac. A colleague of his who was working at a cigar factory in Mexico told him to come for a visit. This worker was the great uncle of Carlos Torano.
They would pair their products over the years and enjoy each others company while unaware that years later there would be people like us pairing them once again.
The Audrey had three parts; dry, oaky flavour in the mouth followed by a smooth honey swallow which ended in a warm tasty blend of caramel and black tea. The Audrey on its own had no kick or burn. Just smooth and full of flavour.

Pairing Audrey Cognac and the Toraño Exodus “50 Year”

When paired with the cigar the Audrey advanced into a sweeter and much more smooth cognac that with every sip opened up further and further. From the smell, the swallow and the after taste…it was a fantastic cognac. Audrey cognac is quoted by Time Magazine as “the best cognac you’ve never heard of”.
Two fantastic brands colliding, two fantastic brands that create a great pair.
Will I try this pair again? Yes, I’ve done it twice since!