This was another pairing in our line of four “accessible pairs” done recently.  The goal was to get some products that were more readily available to all of our followers, and available within a reasonable budget.  The La Aurora 107 is one of our favorite cheaper sticks and we just had to find the right match for it!

Appleton Estate V/X

Appleton Estate was founded in 1655 as a sugar plantation by the British when they captured Jamaica from the Spaniards.  As sugar became a lucrative business among colonized islands, a new market had to be tapped into and Appleton Estate returned to its roots with rum production in 1749.  Covering an area of 11,000 acres of land in Jamaica’s sugar cane belt, Appleton, the oldest distillery on the island, harvests it’s sugar cane partially with machine, and partially with machete.

The rum is a clear, darkened gold colour.  It has delicious smells of brown sugar, spices, dried fruits and citrus.  In the mouth you get sweet honeyed notes along with burnt sugars, and brown sugar.  It has a delightfully round finish.

La Aurora 107 Toro

The Aurora cigar brand was created more than 100 years ago by Eduardo León Jimenes, Guillermo León’s grandfather, and is the oldest cigar company in the Dominican Republic.

Together with his brother Guillermo Leon owns at least 7 companies under the brand E. Leon Jimenes. At one point this included full ownership of the famous Dominican beer, Presidente (they still retain partial ownership.)

The La Aurora 107 was created to mark the 107th year of Tabacalera La Aurora.  Blended by Guillermo Leon this cigar contains Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers, a Dominican Corojo binder, and an Ecuadorian sun grown wrapper.

This medium-bodied cigar starts off with a peppery wood flavour before evolving into a more earthy, nutty smoke with more complex spices coming through.

About the pair

It was an awesome night sitting outside of Village Cigar Company pairing with good friends.

The group of us have had this drink and cigar many times but never together. We were all pleasantly surprised of the combination of sweetness between the two, very smooth and super delicate.

The notes we had on the cigar were consistent across the group…med-full body, perfect burn, smooth and silky. Some members agreed that there was definitely a light spice note to the cigar…nutmeg or cinnamon. Overall from start to finish the cigar was killer, always is and probably always will be.

As far as the rum, always so smooth…full of brown sugar and molasses. We found smoking the cigar with it did even out the sweetness and we got more of a charred effect on the drink.

I think an avid rum drinker probably knows by now Appleton is a great rum for a quick pair. If you do end up pairing cigars and rum, choose the 107. You won’t be disappointed…we all loved it!

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– David & Todd

pairing cigars and rum