What We Do and Why We Do It

Cigars & Spirits was founded in early 2012 with the intention to discover the best drink pairing for a cigar.  We started as two acquitances with a mutual friend and have since grown to an exclusive, invite-only group consisting of 4 members in the Toronto area and 2 members based in California.  For us the enjoyment of a cigar should happen in a casual but intentional way.  We set aside time in the busyness of the work week to relax, talk and try products and combinations that most people don’t have the opportunity to or perhaps wouldn’t think of.   When we find things that work (or don’t work) we’ll share it here in hopes that we can help others have a great experience for themselves.

We have run several competitions and plan to continue to do so.  We’ve had the opportunity to travel to Miami multiple times to meet the manufacturers.  We hope to increase our influence and establish ourselves as a voice of authority when it comes to pairing drinks with cigars.  We appreciate the loyal followers we’ve gained over the years.

How We Pair

We consider many, many factors when trying to put together a pair:

  • Do we want to base the pair around a cigar or drink that we have had?  Or haven’t had?
  • Has anyone tried this pair or a similar pair before?  What was the outcome and what can we learn ahead of time.
  • What is the history of the cigar brand and drink?  Is there any connection that makes it special?
  • What are the aromas, tastes and flavors expected from the drink and the cigar?
  • What is the overall strength of each part in terms of flavor and potency?
  • Is this something special?  Or is it just Budweiser and Backwoods?

We want each pair to be an experience with a story and a great combination.  In an “okay” pair either the cigar will improve the drink or the drink will improve the cigar.  In a NicePair the cigar will affect the way the drink impacts the pallet and the drink will bring out new flavors in the smoke.  What makes a great pair for you?

Share Your Pair

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve tried something we haven’t or would like to suggest a pair for us to review!

Special Events

Occasionally we will hold special cigar pairing events for limited groups to talk about pairing techniques and to share some of our favorite pairs. Currently these are invite-only events.  If you’d like to be considered for an invite for future events please request one here.