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Towards the end of the 1990s something had to be done about Cuban cigars.  The quality had gone downhill fast and the market was beginning to turn away from Cubans.  The Edición Limitada was somewhat of a rescue attempt by Habanos SA to regain the name and reputation they once had.In the spring of each year since 2000 Habanos SA chooses a number of specific cigars to be labelled “Edición Limitada” (EL).  These cigars have limited production and exclusive blends of aged tobaccos.  Before 2000 very rarely would a limited edition cigar be produced in Cuba.  Some include the Cohiba 30th Anniversary, H. Upmann 150th Anniversary and Habanos 1994.  All Edición Limitadas are based on current brands in the Habanos portfolio.   The difference was that the wrappers would be made from the top leaf of the tobacco plant and then aged for 24 months.  In 1999 there really wasn’t such a thing as a maduro or oscuro wrapper and the solution was to simply use the thickest leaf at the top of the plant and age it. This was the pattern up until 2007 when the ELs would become entirely aged for 2 years – filler, binder and wrapper.  Because of this some of the earlier ELs didn’t taste as good in their earlier years but really benefited from aging in the humidor.

Edición Limitadas include a secondary black and gold band which originally only read “Edición Limitada” but since 2001 has also included the year. In 2002 no Edición Limitada was released due to production and distribution issues surrounding the 2001 EL.  Because product only reached stores in early 2002 (instead of late 2001), the decision was made to simply skip that year!  Since 2003 onwards a year has not been missed again.

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Colin Ganley of describes the first round of Edición Limitadas:

2000 Romeo y Julieta Exhibición No. 2
In the past, this cigar was good but with 12 years of age it is spectacular! It is dense, makes lots of smoke and is full of flavor. It is all spice, a bit like an aged Partagás with red-pepper spice and undertones of sweetness, barley and other grains. It retains its flavor while all the harshness of youth has disappeared.

2004 Cohiba Sublime
It truly is … sublime. It has a reputation as one of the best EL cigars ever and it is well deserved. After years of age it tastes very smooth but has a vastly complex bouquet of flavors and aromas wrapped around that classic tobaccoish Cohiba taste. Flavors include coffee, mesquite, acidity, and dark chocolate. A true classic that has improved with age.

2004 Partagás Serie D No. 1
Though not perfect as a youngster, this cigar has become a butterfly with age. It is beautiful, sweet, creamy, chocolatey, with hints of classic Partagás spice. A hint of acid and salt bring the flavors and aromas around into a very well rounded cigar that has become a classic with a little age in the humidor.

These cigars are very special must-try released each year.  I suggest picking up a few to smoke now, and a few to age.  Keep a journal of what you smoke so you can look back at how the experience has changed.

For the full list of Edición Limitadas since 2000 click here.